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These companies are all privately owned and sell only to professional salons. All three companies provide everything you need to keep your hair looking great. We carry a full wet line as well as styling and finishing products. Experience the luxury of the best hair care products the industry can offer.

People often think the job of a conditioner is to repair damaged hair. While this is true, the most important job a condtioner has is to close down the cuticle of the hair. The cuticle is the outermost protective layer of your hair. Everything you do can damage the cuticle; brushing, combing, blow drying, coloring, perming, and even getting windblown! When your cuticle is roughed up by any of these condtions your hair will appear dull, frizzy, dry, and damaged.  Condtioner helps the cuticle to lay smoothly on the hair and that allows sunlight to reflect off the hair making it appear shiny.  A tight cuticle also makes the hair more manageable.  The proper conditioner doesn't weigh down the hair so even the finest hair can benefit.  For the best hair, a condtioner is your greatest tool!

Perk-it is a curl enhancement product. It's used to promote curl in permed hair so that the life of the perm is extended. However, it also helps to encourage body in straight hair. The secret is the magnesium salt in the Perk-it formula. Using Perk-it as the foundation for your hairstyle will give you extra body with a light-weight hold. Ask your stylist to use it the next time you have them style your hair.

Enforce is Scruples lightweight gel with a firm hold. It helps support both blow dry and set styles. It can be used on wet or dry hair. If you've tried Tressa's Aglaze but would like a little more hold then Enforce is the gel for you. Ask your stylist to demonstrate Enforce the next time you have a set or blow dry style.

Sometimes you want a messy look to your hair and still want to have some flexible hold. This is when you need a paste. Aquage Transforming Paste puts texture in your style while allowing your hair to move. It's like having "second day" hair! You know how sometimes your hair just works better when it's not freshly shampooed? That's what paste can do for you. Aquage Transforming Paste is a matte finish. It builds texture and body in every style. Ask your stylist to show you this great product!